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Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

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Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

Post  PercyxModz on Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:26 pm

UPDATED 8/28/10

As Gamescom rolls on in Cologne, Germany, more information continues to trickle out of the convention about Call of Duty: Black Ops. Josh Olin, Treyarchs Community Manager, has continued to drop bits and pieces of information during the many interviews he has given thus far at Gamescom. Tomorrow will most certainly be an informative day as Olin and Military Advisor Hank Keirsey answer fan submitted questions live on Facebook, but until then, we have compiled all of todays news in this article.

Campaign/General Info

* Josh Olin said that Treyarch has taken no cues whatsoever from Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 in terms of the games story. It is described as completely original.
* When asked about the games story, Josh Olin stated:

Were not there to tell history and were not there to make any political stances, its strictly there to be an entertaining game. So when you play through the story youre going to get, its pretty awesome, its a rollercoaster ride for sure.

* When asked about how Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and now Sledgehammer Games work in tandem, Olin stated that they have no relation whatsoever with each other, and that each company develops their games without input or influence from the other two.
*Two new weapons were seen in game during press-only gameplay demos. These were the KS-23 Shotgun and the Makarov pistol.
*It has been confirmed by the user pcdev (confirmed to be a Treyarch employee) on the Call of Duty forums that Treyarch plans to open Black Ops on the PC to modding after the games release. It is unknown how extensive the modding ability will be.
* Developer Console has also been confirmed for PC.


* Josh Olin said that the point of the MP Teaser that was released earlier this month was To create more questions than answers.

* Olin also stated that he expects a great deal of surprise from the community when multiplayer is fully revealed on September 1st.

I think theyre going to go, Holy s**t, we didnt see that coming.

* Olin has continued to stress that they have taken great strides to prevent hacking, glitching, and general cheating in Black Ops.

* A large part of their fight against hacking will include the use of server-side hotfixes. These will be deployable almost immediately, foregoing the time it takes for game patches to be released over PSN and XBL.

* Olin has said that the player customization in Black Ops will allow players to create their own identity and play the game the way they want to.








Sub Machine Guns

MP5k Prototype


Light Machine Guns



Galil ARM




Sniper Rifles



Machine Pistols





Python Snub Nose






Special Weapons






M67 Frag Grenade

Semtex Grenade

Camera Spike

Killstreaks Confirmed So Far:

Killstreak 1 - RC Bomb
Kills Required: 3
Info -

Killstreak 2 - Carepackage

Killstreak 3 - Archangel

Killstreak 4 - Attack Helicopter

Killstreak 5 - Airstrike

Killstreak 6 - Artillery Strike

Killstreak 7 - Napalm Strike

Perks Confirmed So Far

OMA and Commando will definately not return in the game as said by JD_2020 on his twitter acc a while back

I'm guessing but not confirming that:
Steady aim will return? - It has been in all the other games Im sure

Ok no-one laugh but thats it so far,
The bling being the fact of the first gun used in mp trailer it had both a red dot and a silencer on it

I will update as more come in some make sure to bookmark this page along with my other topics

Local Match Making Confirmed

Treyarch reveals exclusively to NowGamer that local matchmaking is finally in!
Hot off the press from NowGamers one-on-one interview with Treyarch community manager Josh Olin at this years gamescom in Cologne, comes the world-shattering revelation that for the first time in the series, multiplayer matchmaking will enable matchmaking with people in the local area.

Those particularly attuned to Modern Warfare news may remember that Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward disappointed a lot of people when he tweeted back in September of last year that There isnt an option to search specific regions/ countries when matchmaking, but there is improved matchmaking to auto-assist.

Will this see an end to transatlantic sponginess? We can only hope. We love our American friends dearly, but playing against them with transatlantic lag can be a real trial and vice-versa. This could see an end to it. To be fair the Modern Warfare franchise is perhaps the only game big enough to make sufficiently populated local communities a real possibility.

Blacks Ops Uses Avatar Movie Tech
Call Of Duty team working with Cameron's capture technology
Call Of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch has revealed that the latest game in the Call Of Duty franchise uses technology developed by James Cameron for his hit movie Avatar.

Black Ops Community Manager Josh Olin told us that Treyarch has employed Camerons Full Performance Capture for creating Call Of Duty: Black Opss cut scenes in order to create a more cinematic feel. Treyarch even used Camerons purpose built studios for the work.

Full Performance Capture is unique in the motion capture world as it captures face, body and motion all at the same time, resulting in a more accurate recreation of the actors performance.

Black Ops is the first videogame to utilise Camerons tech.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops will be released 9 November on, well, every format known to man.

Faster Online Updates

b]New patching measures will be in place for Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

Community manager Josh Olin told DS that although large scale patches are in the hands of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, they can now hotfix smaller aspects on the fly.

"A lot of it is still restricted from the first parties, they have to certify the patch and it takes time, that's the unfortunate side-effect," he said.

"But we do have this hotfixing technology where we can push out network updates, updates that live on the network side, which live on our servers that you guys can pull down. So a lot of things can be fixed and prevented there."

When asked to describe how it works, Olin said: "Basically how these hacks work is that they change system level variables, that we didn't expect to be exposed because we expected the consoles to be these closed systems, and [on] our PC we have anti-cheat technology.

"On the consoles, that kind of came out left field when they broke the signing authorities for Xbox. So we had to improvise. With those variables that they are exploiting, well those network variables are the things that we can hotfix.

"So whenever they would mess with one of those, we could just release a hotfix where we would replace the bad variables with the good ones, and everything's back to normal, so we can do stuff like that. But if you're going to do a big patch, like patching actual code and script, then that has to be done through a title update, and that takes longer."

The title will also come with more preventative measures that were possible for World At War and Black Ops but were too late to implement.

"Black Ops we've had plenty of time [to install the measures]. We know how all those hacks are done, and we have preventative measures built into Black Ops built around those.

"Of course, hackers are very smart, they'll find new ways to break the game I'm sure, and when they do we'll have security measures in place to enforce our policies, enforce our leaderboards, enforce our matchmaking and lobbies to keep those clean, so that shouldn't be an issue for Black Ops."

The title will be released on November 9 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Black Ops Online Reveal To Be Shocking
Treyarch has insisted that players will be shocked by Call Of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer reveal.

Community manager Josh Olin said that the studio's full commitment to working on the game has allowed for some surprising features to be included.

"To be completely honest, I think that the players are going to be very, very shocked when we reveal our stuff," he told DS.

"I don't think they're going to expect this out of Treyarch, because we just haven't had the time or resources to do something like this. If you look at the size of any other studio that works on two-year development cycle on a first-person shooter, and compare that to Treyarch, we are a Goliath.

"No studio is 250 developers working on one game, that's just unheard of. This is a huge game."

Olin added that as well as a full multiplayer reveal on September 1, there will be "one more thing" to come, along with a co-op mode reveal before the game's release on November 9.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Explosive Call of Duty: Black Ops presentation shakes the room

At gamescom today, El33tonline got a great behind-closed-doors presentation of Call of Duty: Black Ops from Treyarch, showing two missions from what is sure to be the next blockbuster entry to the franchise.

Black Ops, in case you didnt know, is a first-person shooter set in the Cold War featuring the exploits of deniable operations soldiers who carry out a myriad of classified and dangerous black ops during the period. Treyarch notes that while the game will feature a story inspired by real-world operations and soldiers, the game isnt an historical one, which allows the writers at the studio to weave an original narrative in a rich world.

The first mission we saw was called Victor Charlie, set in Vietnam, as you and a group of operators investigate Soviet presence and involvement in the area. This mission demonstrated the wide variety of gameplay scenarios that will be available to players, as the presentation showcased stealthy, slow-paced reconnaissance and sabotage actions, before moving onto a hectic outdoor battle between allies and enemies, and then collapsed the environment by forcing the protagonist into claustrophobic, tense and atmospheric close-quarters combat in a series of underground tunnels.

The second mission was called Pay Back, and sees the protagonist and an ally stealing a high-tech attack helicopter in order to wreak havoc on enemies scuttling over the ground below, as well as destroy other helicopters trying to take you down. After an automatic take-off, youll be able to manually pilot the helicopter and fly it over the landscape yourself while taking control of firing off rounds of ammunition and rockets at your targets.

Wherever this level appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops, itll be an excellent palette-cleanser mission, thats for sure! Dodging rockets, tons of explosions, gliding around a wide open space in a vehicle capable of raining death upon anyone and anything that gets in its way any stress or frustration you may have experienced in previous levels of the game will wash away once you get past Pay Back in your helicopter.

The variety of gameplay scenarios in Black Ops is impressive, and this range of actions is matched with the games visuals, which are also striking even if the engine behind-the-scenes is getting a teensy bit dated, looking very texture heavy with very few apparent graphics effects and filters although where the game does use special graphics tricks, it does so spectacularly, with great water effects as you dive into (and swim in) a river and great lighting effects from gunfire and overbright light sources.

A few awesome gameplay abilities and effects were also shown, and it looks like youll be able to sneak up on enemies, grab them from behind, and shoot their own gun while they hold it and you use their body as a human shield. A slow motion bullet-cam effect was revealed (where the camera followed a fired bullet into an enemys head), and players will now be able to steady their aim while peering through the scope of a sniper rifle, just to make sure you make a perfect shot. Lastly, if youre stealthy enough, youll be able to perform a series of nasty, violent take-down actions to stab and eviscerate unwitting enemies.

Throats will be torn. Guts will be slit. Very gruesome stuff.

A few more visual touches that I personally appreciated included the streamlined heads-up display (HUD) that reveals your current location in a compass, and ammunition and grenade count, all bundled up in the corner of the screen. Animations are also incredibly smooth and detailed, while death animations look to be a combination of hand-animated/motion-captured actions (as enemies fall, flip and crumple) and ragdoll physics (as the enemy then falls realistically to the ground).

One aspect of Call of Duty: Black Ops that Im not so appreciative of at the moment is the continued reliance on scripted sequences and events a Call of Duty tradition. I would have liked for the development team to move away from this technique of delivering dramatic story segments to something more freeform, and Im hoping that the game isnt as heavily directed as previous Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 1 and 2 being prime offenders here.

When the action is so intense, varied and satisfying as it looks to be in Call of Duty: Black Ops, however, complaining about scripted events is like bothering to mention a spec of dirt on a fork. The dirt may annoy you, but the fork still does a perfect job of delivering the meal.

The meal, in this case being the gameplay experience I was trying to use a clever metaphor, but the one about the fork just happened. Blame Monty Python.

Be sure to look forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops when it releases on November 9th around the world on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, as well as the Wii and DS, and look through El33tonlines previous coverage of the game for tons of screenshots, videos and extra information.

Call of Duty Black Ops gets snow filled screenshots

Call of Duty Black Ops: Impressions from Gamescom Conference

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honor to appear in autumn this year with two shooters, the same score played. Medal of Honor with the reboot (formerly) successful franchise ventures, the developer Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops the footsteps of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to fill during EA.

On the gamescom in Cologne, we have Call of Duty: Black Ops presentation more accurately considered a basis: We have a Viet Cong village and were blasted by a helicopter pilot in the road as.

The first level in the presentation of Call of Duty: Black Ops plays on Huong River, in 1968. We slip into the role of Sergeant Mason start - but with a black screen. We hear wild Rumgefunke in a helicopter, suddenly there is a loud bang and the steel bird crashes. Slowly, the screen is clear - our character wakes up. We see the downed helicopter, and thus completely destroyed again, the pilots are dead, when we lean forward to examine the dead pilot, suddenly appear some Viet Cong soldiers and take us through the windshield under attack.

We grab a gun and we take the attacking enemy target from -

this time leaving Call of Duty: Black Ops to the player until the "right" control. Shortly after we have rid our enemies, heard a loud bang, the helicopter turns and suddenly we find ourselves under water. We fight from the wreck and note that we are in a river. About us is a boat which we are trying to achieve. The projectiles are also flying below the water surface around the ears - pretty cool.

When we reached the boat, we overcome the Vietcong, take him prisoner as a human shield and we grab his AK. The allied ******** opened fire, but only take their comrades in our arms - a very bloody affair. After the exchange of fire, it goes to a village of the Vietcong, which applies it to infiltrate. This passage of Call of Duty: Black Ops is rather quiet: we sneak through the huts of the village and our AI colleagues do the ******** without a sound with a knife.

Now it is explosive at one of the huts to install. We dive once again into the cool water

and swim under the hut, where we fix the C4. It then goes back to the village. There we see any Vietcong sleeping in a hammock. The ensuing scene is very similar to Modern Warfare 2, but also arouses disgust in us: We pack our knives from us sneak our unsuspecting victim approached him and rammed the knife by pressing a button in the throat.

Once we have further prepared the way through the village, we meet at a checkpoint on other U.S. soldiers. We solve the C4 and the bullets start - Call of Duty-are typical of the fire fighting to the last detail durchgeskriptet. Shortly thereafter, it is necessary to eliminate an anti-aircraft position. The rocket launcher is necessary of course - as one would expect from Call of Duty knows - close to the ground. When we cut the position, it is heard: the U.S. army helicopters flying over us and fire off rockets at the Viet Cong village - visually quite opulent.

Finally, we shoot us on through the jungle until we are faced with a typical Viet Cong tunnels. Here begins the Tunnel Level, which Treyarch has already shown at E3. Even the helicopter level, which was presented to us after we had already seen in Los Angeles.

At the end of the presentation of Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is already a little rsum: The AI of the companions works pretty well, but it fails to Call of Duty standard beyond. Particularly well in our memory is the graphics - especially the water looks very good, followed by the shot below the water surface effects. But the explosions and the rest of the game world can be proud of. The character models all look very realistic and the atmosphere is right - in the tunnel-level, we saw even a few shocking moments.

Not noticed as positive to us is the fierce production - especially the scene with

the knives are already almost disgusted. The typical script sequences appear somewhat depleted in the long term and sometimes revealed themselves to us rather Maue textures. We also discovered a chicken, which is running all the time against a wall. This and other AI errors, according to the release of Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops on 9 November 2010 but eliminated.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Updated Impressions

Our latest look at Treyarch's Cold War spin on the Call of Duty series takes us underwater and up in the air.

The new demo of Call of Duty: Black Ops that Activision is showing here at Gamescom 2010 doesn't quite start off with a bang. In fact, it's more of that gurgling sound you hear when certain objects start sinking underwater. That's not a bad thing, because we're not talking in metaphors here--you literally start the level trapped inside a downed helicopter sinking to the bottom of the Huong River. It's a tense sequence that sees you making a desperate escape while swimming through murky water with more than a few dead bodies in it.

If the sight of those bodies sinking to the bottom of the river while you're trying to swim to the top of it doesn't grab you, then the level's rollercoaster pacing will. The whole level, dubbed Victor Charlie, is one great big crescendo that starts of slow and methodical, explodes in the middle, and slows back down for a bit toward the end. To give you an idea of how it builds up, let's go back to the beginning. Once you get out of that river, you make your way through some waterfront huts and meet up with your squad mates, those grizzled deniable ops super soldiers who operate with vicious efficiency and sport some pretty awesome tattoos to boot. With them at your side you slowly and silently creep into an enemy hut while one of the bad guys, asleep on the job, is taking a nap.

What happens next isn't for the faint of heart, but the basic jist is that you cover his mouth and and sink your knife quickly and silently into his throat in a grim scene of surgical violence. Okay, so maybe that's not so much the jist as much as it is precisely what happens. At any rate, you continue along at a similar pace in order to get through this dangerous area unseen while dispatching a few more foes and taking another dip or two into the river (complete with first-person swimming) before getting to a village a bit farther inland. And that, well, that's when things get really hot. The mission requires you to plant some C4 on a target building, and that explosion obviously attracts a lot of attention. The transition from all that sneaking about to this swarming bee's nest of a shootout is something else, and definitely seems like it'll keep a lot of players on their toes.

The firefight is a bit more of that classic Call of Duty, with fast-paced gun combat and more than a few explosions. A few of the highlights we noticed were the ways those wooden houses explode in a flurry of debris when you hit them with your M16's underslung grenade launcher, and those handful of desperate enemies who come charging out of nowhere with a clear desire to skill you not with a gun, but with a gentlemanly knife to the chest. After that you hop into a dim, claustrophobic tunnel in a sequence that has you crawling through some pretty creepy scenery while encountering a few grim surprises along the way.

After Victor Charlie wrapped up, we had the chance to see the helicopter level that Treyarch demoed during Microsoft's E3 2010 press conference a couple months ago. Named Payback, this level takes the aircraft sequences we've seen from time to time in previous Call of Duty games and lets you actually pilot the thing (while still operating the guns, of course). After sneaking up on a group of soldiers guarding a Russian Hind helicopter and taking them out, you hop into the attack chopper and fly through a river canyon shooting down on-foot enemies, armored trucks, helicopters, and entire bridges. You can read our initial impressions from the press conference demo for more details, but suffice it to say this level managed to put a new spin on the type of vehicle moments the Call of Duty series has previously been known for.

All told, Call of Duty: Black Ops is looking quite good. That's not exactly a surprise for a series that's garnered plenty of glowing reviews over the years, but it's good to see that Treyarch has been able to jump into a new timeline--Cold War-era conflicts--without missing a step. Expect to see more coverage on Black Ops before the game releases on November 9.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Impressions-IGN

It's almost the holiday release season, and that means production on many big games being shopped around the convention circuits are almost done. Such is the case with Black Ops, this year's Call of Duty title in development at Treyarch. The shooter's looking quite polished at this point, as press were again given a chance to again check out a stage where soldiers on the ground are given orders from an aircraft soaring in low orbit.

In the demo the soldiers on the ground are given move orders from above, as one of the aircraft's pilots indicates on a screen where those far below are meant to move. It seems as like order inputs will need to be made at certain times to weave between enemy patrols on the ground below.

Occasionally the camera will shift down to the perspective of the ground squad, where you'll have to break into facilities and plant explosives or rip out electrical wires to render the enemy structures useless. And, no surprise, you'll also do quite a bit of shooting. There appear to be a lot of little cinematic moments packed into the experience here, whether it's a slow motion effect as you stomp through a window to break into an enemy building, or a squadmate tossing a knife into an enemy's head after you kick down a door. Call of Duty has always been about nonstop action, and that seems to be no different here.

A number of weapons were available for use, including scoped rifles that could cripple enemies with a short burst and a crossbow for when it was best to stay hidden. Or, if you don't want to listen to the advice of your teammates to keep quiet, you can affix an explosive bolt to your crossbow bolt and send it into a tanker truck. The result, in case you hadn't guessed, is a giant explosion that draws the attention of everyone in the area, including the guy manning the alarm.

Once an alarm is tripped in this stage, swarms of enemies stream to your position, taking cover behind various obstacles, lobbing grenades, and doing their damndest to put a hole in your head. It was around this point that I noticed all the blood had been turned off for the demo, a result I'm assuming of the game being shown off in Germany where that kind of thing isn't looked upon so kindly. The lack of spouts of blood erupting from the wounded wasn't all that much of a distraction, however, since the demo still felt frantic and exciting, particularly with all the pieces of electrical equipment in the stage getting chewed up by bullets and catching on fire.

The demo portion of the level was shortened a bit from the real thing, so it's tough to say at this point how often control will shift between the air and ground, but it looks like yet another big budget action-movie style shooter with the Call of Duty name attached. When stages end with things like running for your life and jumping from the edge of a cliff into the snow-blind unknown as frost collects at the edges of your goggles and the ground rushes up deadly fast from below, you've got to believe this is exactly what fans are looking for.


Stealth, Savagery in Call of Duty: Black Ops

On the Huong River, Vietnam, there's a splash whose echoes reverberate as your blurry vision clears to show a flickering light and helicopter cockpit rapidly filling with water. The pilot's dead and there are enemies shooting through the windshield as the chopper sinks down into the murky river. "We're going under!" shouts a squadmate just before all sound is engulfed by the rising water.

But that isn't the end. No, you hit a button to rip open the doors and swim out as bullets bubble across your field of vision from foes standing atop boats. You climb up to a boat and surprise an enemy still peering into the water, holding him hostage to stop bullets as you fire with his rifle. As you do so the camera shifts to a bullet's perspective in slow motion, letting us watch the tip violently piercing the forehead of the last standing enemy in the area. You dispose of the body serving as your shield and plunge back underwater to move to safety.

Moments later it's pouring and you're sneaking into an enemy facility with AI teammates that move silently onto a platform and knife guards from behind. You're looking for a general, and your squad whispers hoarsely and hand out semtex as a plan of action is hatched. You follow one squadmate and dive underwater into brown water and plant C4 near a dock. Then it's back to the surface to slink along the side of a building while enemies whisper inside, unaware of your presence. You pop through a window and past a sleeping enemy in a hammock. Not one to take changes, you plunge a knife through the sleeping guard's neck as a squadmate does the same to another. The man in the next room over is killed as he sits as you sneak up behind and surprise him with a knife to his chest.

Further into the jungle there's music in the distance. It's coming from a town just below a row of trees and as you approach your squadmates reappear through the foliage. To initiate the attack a charge is detonated in one of the village's buildings, and shortly thereafter the scene is thick with bullets amidst the chaos of gunshots and falling bodies. Enemies stream from doorways and launch rockets at your position as grenade shrapnel rips from explosions and smoke clouds the air. Moving out to a clearing you spot a dock in the distance, a heavily fortified area protecting an anti-air gun. There's a four barreled rocket launcher on the ground and you snatch it up and launch explosive, crippling the gun and collapsing the hut nearby as foes at the target area go flying in all directions, helpless against the blast.

With the skies safe a group of helicopters soar in and drop off reinforcements as the assault on the town continues. You fire through more houses and blast apart machine guns nests on your way to a trap door in the ground. A grenade is dropped to clear the way before you head down, and in the darkness you click on a flashlight and align your pistol with the beam of illumination. Enemies are crawling through the claustrophobic warrens here, and stab a squadmate right before your eyes. Another friendly soldier is alongside and kills another in a fistfight in knee deep puddle before turning around to you with a tired look and requesting you go on ahead to face whatever dangers may come next.

From what's been shown off of this year's Call of Duty, it seems like a pretty wild ride.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Title Screen Leaked?

Call of Duty: Black Ops details - Nintendo Wii

This information comes from Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin

- No demo at GamesCom
- Treyarch looking to match the PS3/360 versions
- Graphical improvements over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition
- Larger landscapes and destructible environments have caused some constraints
- Wiimote/nunchuck controls
- Game will not support the Classic Controller
- No date has been announced for more Wii version info yet; September 1st possible as details regarding the HD versions online mode will be revealed

Dev console, modtools and lean confirmed- PC

Console gamers, move along, nothing to see. Finally some good PC news! Treyarch confirms dev console, modtools and lean for Black Ops!

pcdev, do we really need to explain his nickname? Via Twitter he confirmed lean to be back in the PC version of Black Ops. Many were surprised by Infinity Ward's the decision to take this out of multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2, but lucky for us that is now changed back by Treyarch. With lean, you can actually peek around corners, leaving your body (for most part) in cover. This dramatically changes gameplay, for the better. This system is not implemented into the console versions of the game because there are simply not enough buttons on a controller to pull this off.

Treyarch knows the value of the PC community and are willing to put time and effort in making their experience as good (or better, maybe?) as on consoles. Part of this is of course the dedicated servers, which I'm sure we explained at one point but let's recap real quick. Dedicated servers are usually very powerful computers in data centers with a very fast internet connection on which the Black Ops server edition is installed. With it installed, anyone that has the address (and a password in some cases) of that server can connect and play the game. This usually means less lag (if you pick a server close to you) because you can choose one with the lowest PING (better connection). The administrators of this server have control over what happens on their server, so they can kick or ban people, disable certain elements like killstreaks or explosives. In short, they can customize the game up to a great extend. And, probably more interesting, they can install custom mods. Which brings us to our next point; Mod Tools.

Mod tools is a computer program that will let people create their own version of the game. A great example is Galactic Warfare (youtube), a great mod that used the mod tools Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to make a multiplayer mod that brings you right into the world of Star Wars. As you can see in the video it will let you change out models (3D props), weapons, effects, characters, even complete levels. It's a huge deal in PC-land and we're very happy Treyarch has chosen to do so, even though we don't know yet 'til what extend, as the original confirmation states:

We plan to open the game up for modding sometime post-launch. We do not know yet to what extent you will be able to mod the game. There are some purely technical issues related to engine and internal tool enhancements that do not easily fit the modtools paradigm. We have looked at it close enough to see that it is non-trivial and we will have to pick it up again post-launch. Right now we are completely focused on finishing the game.

And, dev console: confirmed.

Swimming Confirmed

HipHopGamer met up with Josh Olin in New York, resulting in the most fun to watch interview we've seen for Black Ops.

Okay listen to me y'all, couple weeks back HipHopGamer was chilling it with his boy JD_2020. The man is really down with the game, for real yo... I would love to keep it up, but I'm not that ghetto and I don't want to disrespect the most fun to watch Black Ops interview to date. HipHopGamer is so excited about everything he talks about with Josh, and he's talking to him as a gamer and a journalist. This way they cover some real interesting subjects that many Besides talking about the game and Call of Duty franchise in general, sparring off ideas, they hit some sweet info we couldn't confirm before. But now we do.

Besides everything that you could have read before, let's jump straight to the interesting news. One of them being actual swimming gameplay. Sadly, it will not be featured in multiplayer. But in the singleplayer campaign you will swimming after your helicopter has crashed in the rivers of Vietnam. You'll even be planting C4 under water. This is a whole new experience in gameplay, should be fun to play!

One other thing that strikes us as interesting is that we think that the singleplayer campaign has more gore (limbs blowing off) than that we have seen in the multiplayer trailer. In the demo HipHopGamer witnessed, they were shooting of hands and arms in so much detail that you could almost make out if it was bone, flesh or meat that was flying through the air. Well, that's not something we've seen in the multiplayer trailer... We'll keep our eyes open for news on this subject and will report in when we know more.

The storyline will feel much deeper as the main (playable) character has a voice now. This lets Treyarch really make it feel like a movie where you're in the middle of it, which is a first for a Call of Duty game. You will know what you look like, what your face looks like, what your voice sounds like, it will all help crafting the 1:1 narrative.

The singleplayer and multiplayer mode are completely separate, as we've heard time and time again, but what's new is they have thought of a way the for the singleplayer gamer to jump on multiplayer and be less intimidated, there are "ways" of doing that. Vague, but interesting. Do you have any ideas on what Josh was talking about?

Oh before we go out, we need to tell you this important message by HipHopGamer.

Alraight, look, Call of Duty: Black Ops, man. November 9th, and if you reverse that it's 9-1-1, aight. It's definitely an emergency. Why? Because the competition ..., yo, listen... all I'm saying is this; you're going to be in the emergency room 'cause when you play this game you gonna have a heart attack. You gonna luv it, it's gonna blow you away.

Live Interview Summary

Read our full and detailed summary of the live interview with Josh Olin and Hank Keirsey conducted yesterday.

Via the Black Ops Facebook page you were able to ask questions about Black Ops for Josh Olin or military adviser Hank Keirsey. Many questions were dodged by Josh, as they were all about the multiplayer mode which we know will be revealed on September 1st and not a day before. Fun fact though, one of the questions featured in the 30 minute interview was by our very own Boyle111, and resulted in a fun reaction by Josh.

But first, let's go over the interview itself. Like you're used of us, we'll do a quick summary for those that are not interested in watching the full interview themselves. But we've highlighted some words to make you quickly scroll through the article.

The first question is about Zombies, and the first dodge is in place. Josh really can't talk about the co-op mode in Black Ops as this will be revealed on a date between the full multiplayer reveal (September 1st) and launch (November 9th). Josh really thinks it will be the fan-favorite in Black Ops.

Treyarch is really working towards a complete new and fresh experiences for the gamer since day one, it's really important to Treyarch to not make it a revamped version of any of the previous Call of Duty games in the franchise. An excellent example is the "Payback" mission in Black Ops, where you take control of a Hind helicopter. Things like that have been done in previous games but they have always been on rails. This time around, Treyarch will give full control over this helicopter. It's a brand new experience where you can both fly with the thumbsticks and shoot with the triggers. The story is very important to Treyarch too, and they have created a very rich and unique narrative in which they weave through time in the cold war era. It will not be a non-stop action sequence where everything around you constantly blows up but Josh ensures us that it will still be the same cinematic and intense experience that you can expect from a Call of Duty game. Hank adds that with the jump from WWII to Modern Warfare, there was a big gap in time left that has a potential of very interesting story telling. It's a time where the two powers were in a race for nuclear destruction and there was a need for strategic reconnaissance to see what was happening on the other side. That's what Black Ops is all about.

Intel is always the most important thing in a secret war fought behind enemy lines, and that's where the Study and Observations Group (S.O.G.) comes in. Even though that sounds like a desk job, members of this team were the elite of the elite, they were actually carrying out missions we normally see only on the big screen. Not only did they missions in places that were denied by the government, they were also wearing clothing and carried equipment that if they were captured it could be denied by the government to have anything to do with it. Documents of this actually taking place were only recently unclassified, more than 25 years after it taking place.

In the multiplayer reveal we've seen a dive to prone mechanic, where a player jumps and actually dives forward to the ground to evade enemy fire. Josh confirms this to be in both singleplayer as multiplayer, but rest assured it's use will not come without cost. It's use is not confirmed to be the same in multiplayer, but in singleplayer you can hold while you're sprinting to make your character dive to prone. It's a good way to evade grenades, but you will not not be able to shoot while you're doing it and you will have to recover a short while when you land, much like switching your weapon.

Character personalization and customization is very important to first person shooters, and in Black Ops you will be able to make the game your own. For specific details on how Create-a-class has been updated we will have to sit tight until September 1st though.

A rumor a while back was that we would need to pay to play online, but this is quickly denied by Josh. Call of Duty has never, and will never, asked players to pay money to play online. So rest assured.

Hank Keirsey has been a military adviser for many, many years now. His role has always been to fine tune everything the developers at Treyarch throw at him. Of course Hank is going for realism in the game, as much as possible, but there's always the mix between realism and fun gameplay that need to be taken into account. Both sides sometimes compete a little bit with each other, just to make sure it will be the best experience for the gamer.

As has been covered in one of our previous articles News surfaces in GamesCom Interview , the problem with the objective markers obscuring your view in multiplayer has actually been fixed. When your aim is nearing an objective marker, it will automatically fade out and fade back in if you're not aiming close to it anymore. Apparently it's bothering a lot of people that there is no objective marker in real life, Hank jokes.

Balancing kill streaks in Black Ops' multiplayer is extremely important to Treyarch. They too are aware that many people did not like Modern Warfare 2 because of it being accused to be unbalanced. After the multiplayer reveal trailer, many think the 3 kill streak "RC-XD" (explosive remote car) will be unbalanced, but there is still a lot of room for changes in multiplayer with about 80 days left until launch. Josh also adds that he's not sure how many people will actually be using this RC car killstreak with all the other cool killstreaks available.

Continuing on the remote controlled car, it will be featured in the Prestige Edition of Black Ops. It will have a 200ft. (60m) range, a camera and microphone on the car that transmits wireless to a color screen on the remote controller. But if you don't like playing with toy cars, you can always use the stand to put it up next to your Call of Duty collection. Oh yeah, the explosives don't ship with it as Treyarch apparently wasn't able to get a license so sell that along...

The following question could have been taking from one of mine, as I too was wondering what it meant to be an military adviser for a studio like Treyarch and how this translates into the story and gameplay. For Hank it is great to work with Treyarch as they are completely dedicated in making the game. They have 15 hour work days, 7 days a week, to make the story and gameplay as good of an experience as possible. They read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. They have gathered a great set of data, but haven't served 25+ years in the military. That's where Hank steps in, as he knows obviously know exactly how they move and communicate. Hank was really there for the finishing touches, as the developers have about 7 years of experience in building military games they still turn to Hank to see how certain things have changed since (for example) WWII.

Then a very special question comes up as (our) Mark Boyle wants to know if there will be dark and night maps available in multiplayer, and if there will be more dynamic things happening like the rocket launch we've seen in the multiplayer reveal trailer. "Out of the 1000 questions submitted, Mark Boyle was one of them?", jokes Josh. Unfortunately Josh can't really reveal that right now, and he kind of dodges the question with an answer that we can expect the multiplayer maps to have something for every style of player out there.

The PC team at Treyarch is currently working very hard to make the deadlines for November 9th, but post-launch there will be mod tools available. It needs yet to be determined to what extend though.

The hacking and modding that took place in earlier games in Call of Duty, hackers were able to change system variables in the game that the studios (both Treyarch and Infinity Ward) thought was not possible due to the nature of the closed console system. With Black Ops, all that is in the past and any existing form of hacking will be prevented. For future hacks, they have build in some security systems that will let them patch future hacks.

There are a couple of very important changes in the engine since World at War, like texture streaming and dynamic lighting. Texture streaming is a technique used to load in only those textures (images to make objects look realistic) are loaded in that can actually be seen on screen. And even then, a lower resolution texture will be loaded in when the object is further away in the distance. This opens up a lot of memory on the computer/console, resulting in a much richer and dynamic looking game. So besides that the dynamic lighting system has been completely redone, build up from the ground. It makes sure the tunnel sequence, where you're equipped with a flash light, has such a rich feel to it. But besides the technical changes, Josh also compliments the artists in how they have grown in making the game look as good as it does now.

Okay, let's on move the Full Multiplayer Reveal and what this is exactly. On September 1st, a lot of community VIP's and press are flown out to Los Angeles for a big hands on Black Ops Multiplayer red carpet event. Apparently we're going to learn everything about multiplayer reading through the many different upcoming articles. One other thing that can neither be confirmed or denied is the presence of Chuck Norris as a 25 kill streak in multiplayer.

Black Faction Wallpapers

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Re: Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

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Looks like you didn't finish it lol

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Re: Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

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are you going to post the rest of the guns?
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Amazing Black ops info

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I got so much info from this and it really goes into detail. This alone makes me want to buy black ops I can't wait till it comes out. I love the pics u spent alot of time doing research great post.Smile


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Re: Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

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TamerQ wrote:I got so much info from this and it really goes into detail. This alone makes me want to buy black ops I can't wait till it comes out. I love the pics u spent alot of time doing research great post.Smile
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Re: Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

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I made this a global announcement. Excellent post.

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Re: Confirmed Weapons, Perks, and Killstreaks ( CoD7 )

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