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How to No-Clip Nazi Zombies Again, Any Map, with a transfer cable!

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How to No-Clip Nazi Zombies Again, Any Map, with a transfer cable!

Post  Jon on Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:32 pm

remember no-clipping on zombies?

well its back again, thanks to yours truly! Smile

Update: ?5n2a9q0zthoirst

I have done my research, and unless you can get "Cache" on your USB, it doesnt work for any USB's.

please see my topic in Modding Tutorials (stickied) if you need to find Xport 360 or Xplorer360.

on your xbox you need to clear your cache. NOTE: i know most of you will say, oh thats just for Nacht Der Untoten, but no, its for all!

how to clear cache:

(credit for video goes to n3xTgeneratiONgaming on youtube)

now, go to your computer, and run xport 360 as administrator. go into cache, and drag and drop the update listed at the top into the folder, like so -

and boom! the update where you can no clip is on! now you need to put it in screenshot mode Smile

Get your profile out of xport, and put it on the desktop.

open up any Hex Editor (i Use HxD) and open your profile.

search for buttonsconfig

and "screenshot" followed by spaces where buttons_default or buttons_experimental are, like so

find again until there are no more buttonsconfig.

save, and replace your profile in xport, and your done, go enjoy no clipping on zombies! on WaW, you go to Nazi Zombies, and choose whatever map Smile

Controls for noclip!

Y - No-clip, fly around the map
B - Hide Gun
A - Zoom in up to 5 times
X - Leaves screenshot mode

1. click start
2. click options
3. press B
4. click resume
your back in no clip Smile

took a while to make, so dont ignore Smile

-Jon Laughing

COPYRIGHT: this is MY topic, and i have the right to post as, and where, i please.

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